India: ‘Real health products’ in Indian pharmacy to be sold to US market

India: ‘Real health products’ in Indian pharmacy to be sold to US market

India is set to launch the first ever Indian pharmaceutical product for patients with ‘real health problems’ in a pharmacy in New York City, the government said on Monday.

The pharmaceutical product will be sold by a subsidiary of the Indian pharmaceutical giant Sinha Pharma.

It will be called Real Health Products and will be manufactured by Sinha.

India is set for the launch of the Real Health products, Sinha said in a statement.

In a bid to attract US investors to invest in the pharmaceutical industry, the United States has already pledged more than $400 million to the country’s pharmaceutical sector.

Sinha Pharma has already been awarded a patent for Real Health Sciences, a treatment for acute pain and arthritis, and the company plans to develop a product for the chronic pain syndrome.

The US government has also invested $8 million in a healthcare-focused technology incubator, The Blue Cross Institute for Healthcare Innovation.

The Indian government has been working on the Real Healthcare Solutions for more than five years and launched the RealHealth Solutions program in January last year.

The program aims to develop solutions for patients across a range of diseases, said a statement on the government website.

The products are expected to be available in Indian pharmacies in 2017.

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