Woodbury health product maker dies amid recall

Woodbury health product maker dies amid recall

Woodbury Health Products Co. has died amid a recall of a wood-based facial wash that’s been linked to multiple health problems in multiple states.

The maker of the product, Woodbury Skin Care, said it received reports that some customers may experience swelling or discomfort in their faces, neck or upper arms.

The company said it is taking steps to resolve the problem.

Woodbury Health Care, which also manufactures body wash, facial wash and body products, said the product has been recalled and the company is contacting customers who have been affected.

The company said in a statement that it has since tested a sample of the wash and determined it did not contain any toxic ingredients.

The recall covers a wide range of products including facial masks, cleansers, deodorants, hand cream, mouthwash and body wash.

Woodburys Skin Care is not a licensed distributor and cannot be sold to consumers in any state.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is investigating the cause of the recall.

Woodbury is not required to provide any refunds to customers or address the recall or any other product recall.

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