When your botanical medicine may contain ‘fake’ ingredients

When your botanical medicine may contain ‘fake’ ingredients

LOS ANGELES — BOTANICAL HEALTH PRODUCTS can be contaminated with chemicals that are harmful to human health, the Food and Drug Administration said Monday.

The agency said it has received more than 1,600 complaints from consumers about botanical products that have been contaminated with harmful chemicals.

The FDA said it was notified in October that a manufacturer of herbal supplements was selling botanical health care products labeled “100% organic” that contained substances that could be toxic to human cells and organs.

The company told the FDA that the products were made with the same ingredients that were used in human health care and were safe for human consumption.

But the agency said the products contained chemicals that could harm the human body and cause cancer.

The FTC has said the companies should disclose their ingredients.

The FDA says consumers should also be aware that some herbal products are not necessarily 100 percent organic.

In a letter to the company, the FDA said the product’s label claims “100 percent organic” and “natural” and does not state that the ingredients in the products are derived from plants.

The FDA has also sent letters to other manufacturers that sell herbal supplements and made a warning to those companies about the possibility that their products contain synthetic chemicals.

According to the FDA, some herbal supplements are sold under the brand names “Biotanics” or “Botanical” or labeled as “100 % organic.”

The FDA also has received complaints about herbal supplements containing products that are “prescription medicine,” “medicine” or a generic drug.

The agency has sent letters warning manufacturers that these generic drugs could be adulterated with synthetic chemicals that the FDA considers harmful to consumers.

In addition, the agency has received a number of complaints about products labeled as dietary supplements that contain a lot of ingredients, such as the ingredients used in animal products.

The products are typically labeled as herbal or botanical supplements.

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