How to make a drug that’s cheap and can be taken for life

How to make a drug that’s cheap and can be taken for life

This is the first of a series of articles we’re calling “Life After Life.”

In this installment, we’ll discuss a drug, called Zidovudine, that’s being used to treat Alzheimer’s disease.

The drug, known by the brand name Zidova, has been in development for several years and was approved in 2010.

It’s an Alzheimer’s drug that slows the progression of the disease.

The drug works by blocking a protein that can attack the brain and cause damage.

Zidovuda works by targeting the protein, known as the APP-1, which is thought to be involved in the disease process.

The Alzheimer’s Association says this is the most successful drug development in history, and it’s the first to be used on humans.

It has already been tested in animals and shown to slow the progression and decrease the symptoms of the Alzheimer’s-related disease.

This is because it prevents the protein from attaching to the brain, slowing its growth and damage, and causing the brain to heal itself.

This results in fewer side effects for the patient.

In the study, researchers tested Zidvuda on mice with Alzheimer’s and compared it to a placebo.

The mice with the Alzheimer-related brain disease did not develop the symptoms.

In fact, the drug helped them live longer than their control mice.

The Alzheimer’s mice also lived longer than the mice that did not receive Zidva.

The research was published in the journal Science.

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