How to get rid of liver and kidney damage

How to get rid of liver and kidney damage

A recent study suggests that certain vitamins and minerals can help prevent liver and other organs from being damaged by harmful microbes.

Read moreThe study involved using a genetic test to determine whether a person had been exposed to a specific type of microbe.

If the person had, then the test revealed whether the microbe was causing a problem in the liver or kidney.

In the study, published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, the researchers looked at the liver and kidneys of over 200 healthy men and women.

They then compared the results with a control group of healthy individuals who had not been exposed.

The people who had received vitamins B12 and B6 were more likely to have liver damage than the control group.

But the researchers also found that people who were given a specific kind of vitamin had lower levels of liver damage.

The researchers did not find evidence of liver injury after taking a supplement that had a B12 or B6 content.

It’s not clear why this might be.

The vitamin B12 is used to prevent the formation of toxins in the body.

B vitamins may have a beneficial effect on the liver, but it’s not known if they can also have a protective effect on other organs.

The study is the first to show that vitamin B1 and B2 may have the same effect on liver damage in people who have not been given a B vitamin, and that these two vitamins may also protect the liver from damaging microbes.

It is possible that some people who receive the B vitamins may not get them as well as others, the study authors say.

The results are similar to those of a recent study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that looked at B vitamins in relation to liver injury.

People who received vitamin B6 also had lower liver damage after taking B vitamins.

The new study could provide new insights into how people who are not consuming a healthy diet can protect themselves against liver damage, said Dr. Michael A. Sussman, a hepatologist and hepatologist at the University of Florida, in a statement.

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