What You Need to Know About the New York State Dentists’ Dental Health Products

What You Need to Know About the New York State Dentists’ Dental Health Products

Dentists have been selling dental health services for more than 40 years.

But now that many of those services are available through an online platform, they’re becoming more accessible to patients.

That’s because consumers are increasingly looking for more information on how their dental care is delivered.

Here are some key points to know about the new online dental health product, dental health care.• Dental health products are offered in the following online stores:• Dermstore.com (New York state)• DontCareOnline.com and DontTreat.com• DoseNet.com(New York State)• HealthPlusOnline.net and HealthPlusNY.com.• Dr. Dental Online.comAnd many more.• Consumers can view or download dental health information online from one of the following sources:• HealthCheck.com, the leading online provider of dental health and preventive care, which is the only online provider offering this service.• HealthOnline.org, a leading provider of health care information.• Healthcare.gov, a government website offering information on health insurance, employer-sponsored plans, Medicare and other government programs.• A website called DontHelp.com that offers information about dental health problems.• The New York Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s Health Information Center (HIC).HIC provides health information to consumers through its website.• Some health information services may be subject to some restrictions, including:• Access to medical information: Consumers may not request information from HIC that may be used to charge them for services.• Use of data to provide advertising or other third-party marketing services: The HIC may share consumer data with third parties for purposes that do not include the purpose of providing health care services.

To learn more about online dental services, visit:• www.dontcare.com or www.healthcheck.comFor more information, visit donthealthcare.ny.gov.

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