How to help a savant who is on the brink of dementia

How to help a savant who is on the brink of dementia

By KEVIN TURNERPublished Dec 12, 2017 12:38:59The news that one of the world’s most famous doctors, Dr. Steven Novella, has been diagnosed with dementia is the latest sign of the global pandemic that has struck India.

Novella’s doctors told The Associated Press that he has been in a vegetative state for three weeks and that he was expected to die within the next few months.

Dr. Steven E. Novellas health care providers say they have not received a diagnosis of dementia.

A spokesman for the hospital said doctors are waiting for more information.

Navella, who served as a Harvard Medical School professor and a surgeon, is the most prominent scientist in the field of dementia research, which focuses on ways to prevent and treat dementia, and to reverse its consequences.

Nereids, which can cause dementia, are more common in the elderly than people in other age groups.

The condition affects about 4.2 million Americans, including about 2 million in the U.S.

The AP has reached out to Novellias medical care provider for comment.

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