UnitedHealthCare is getting back to basics with a new approach to health products

UnitedHealthCare is getting back to basics with a new approach to health products

UnitedHealthcare is changing the way its health products are made.

The company said Thursday that it is getting more involved in health products production with a “significant emphasis” on making them more accessible.

The move comes as the company struggles to regain its footing after a string of product recalls.

Health care workers have also become more aware of the risks of the products that they use to care for themselves.

The changes come after UnitedHealth spent about $3 billion in 2016 on new product development, marketing and distribution, the company said in a statement.

The new strategy is being led by chief operating officer Kevin Dye, a former CEO of Walgreens.

In a company video, Dye said he was looking for a way to create a new, more collaborative approach to the products it makes.

The health care company has been working on new ways to connect with its patients and make them feel comfortable with its products, the statement said.

The products made by the company include insulin, blood pressure medications and other products for the elderly.

“The company believes that a company’s products must be made accessible to people who have no insurance,” the company’s statement said, adding that it would invest $10 million this year to help bring its products to people with health insurance.

UnitedHealth said it will also “continue to invest in developing products that connect more effectively with the needs of people who are struggling with the challenges of chronic illness.”

The company’s sales fell 1.4% in the fourth quarter, the largest drop in six years, according to the company.

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