Amazon says it’s getting rid of its health products

Amazon says it’s getting rid of its health products

Amazon said on Monday it will discontinue its Health and Fitness section, as the online retailer works to become more affordable and less expensive to use.

The announcement came just two weeks after Amazon announced that it would be moving its Health & Fitness section from the Prime Store to a separate app called Prime Fitness, which is designed to simplify ordering, shopping, and other purchases and helps Amazon avoid having to pay for physical goods.

“We’re making significant changes to our online shopping experience to make it easier to buy health and fitness items,” Amazon said in a statement.

“We are also making significant investments to bring more affordable health and wellness products to the Amazon Prime Store.”

Amazon said it will not make changes to Prime membership levels, offer discounts on certain items, or offer new services for Prime members.

Amazon Prime members will still be able to purchase health and beauty products, as well as the products and services they want, through the app.

Amazon also will offer an additional 30 percent off Amazon Prime membership.

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