When a new ‘Catch the Bees’ product is on the market, you’ll have to make a few choices

When a new ‘Catch the Bees’ product is on the market, you’ll have to make a few choices

What is it?

A topical antibiotic spray that can help combat the fungal disease called Mycobacterium avium- erythrophilis.

Its label reads: “This topical antibiotic may cause a serious allergic reaction, so be careful.”

What you need to know: The spray can be purchased online at Target, Walgreens, WalMart and drugstores nationwide.

What it does: The product is a spray that contains a concentrated formulation of the antibiotic, which is administered by an inhaler.

It is formulated to kill the pathogen and prevent further spread.

When to use: To treat a wound, the spray can help treat wounds and prevent infections.

For non-treatable infections, use the spray as a last resort, or if a skin infection is the main concern, to treat a localized infection.

It can be taken orally or by injection.

Where to buy: Target and Walgards are offering the spray for $4.49 for 8 oz. or $10.99 for 16 oz. on a two-pack.

Target also offers it as a spray-on solution for $5.99.

How to use it: Apply the spray to a small patch of skin and wait for a few minutes.

This may be enough to kill any remaining pathogenic bacteria, but it can also be helpful to prevent further infection if the skin is too swollen.

If the infection is very serious, use this spray as an initial course of treatment and then follow with the antibiotic.

The antibiotic may be taken as a nasal spray or by oral injection, but you may need to use a nasal solution or a small syringe to inject the solution.

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