DHL is taking its new SHAKLEE HEALTH products to the grocery store

DHL is taking its new SHAKLEE HEALTH products to the grocery store

The Danish company is moving to market its Shakeslee HEALTH nail care products, which are designed to help prevent and treat hair loss and nail-fringing, according to a new press release.

The company says the products will be available for pre-order from June 2, and will go on sale in late July.

Shakeslee HEALTHs will be sold at DHL stores, grocery stores, and health food stores, according the press release from the Danish health-care company.

“Our Shakeslese HEART products are based on the best research available, and we’re committed to ensuring that everyone who wants to stop losing hair has the products they need to make the right decisions,” DHL CEO Stefan Lekseberg said in the release.

Shakingleses HEALTH are already available for purchase online and in retailers like Whole Foods, Walmart, and Target.

DHL says Shakeslees HEARTs will contain three ingredients: the active ingredient, aloe vera extract, and the moisturizing ingredients.

The Aloe verae extract has been shown to help reduce the signs of aging, according DHL.

Shakelee HEART will also be available in a new bottle size.

The Shakesling HEALTH is the third and most popular product.

It’s the first product to use the new Aloe-based gel formula and will be released later this summer.

Shakingslee HEATHs have been a hit in health care markets like the U.K., the U:S., Canada, and Israel, where it’s sold by Healthlink and Shakeslexes.

Shakslee HEALs are available in five different colors: blue, green, purple, pink, and purple-pink.

“We have created a unique line of products that are designed for men and women alike to help them take control of their health and prevent hair loss.

This is our vision for Shakeslye HEATH, and Shakslees HEAL is just the first of a series of new Shakesable products to come soon,” Leksberg said.

DHL says it will start selling Shakesleys HEALTH at health food chains, which will be a good fit for health-conscious customers who shop in grocery stores and health stores.

Shakesleehearts HEALTH will also include the Shakesley HEALTH Skin Renewing Gel, which has been linked to more than a million cases of the dreaded acne, according a study published in the journal Dermatology International.

The Shakesylettes HEALTH and ShakeleesheartsHEALTH are both marketed under the Shakeley brand name, which is already popular in Europe.

The two brands have been in the United States for more than five years.

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