Which of the drugs will be recalled?

Which of the drugs will be recalled?

A federal court has dismissed a lawsuit by the manufacturer of a popular cough medicine from the 1960s that could cost consumers up to $1 billion.

The court said Thursday that a drug from AstraZeneca and other pharmaceutical companies should not have been recalled because it was a “safety product” that had never been linked to any adverse events.

The lawsuit was brought in the U.S. District Court in San Francisco by a group of California patients who said Astra Zeneca had failed to provide them with information on the safety of the drug.

The company said Thursday it had reached a settlement with the plaintiffs that would require the company to include a notice about potential safety issues in its product packaging.

But the judge said Asta Zeneca failed to adequately explain the safety risks associated with the drug, and that the companies could have chosen to voluntarily recall the drug or put it into clinical trials to prove its safety.

The drug, called Cetuximab, is used to treat a rare form of rare coronavirus, called an intranasal drip.

The product is currently available only through a prescription from a health care provider, and Astra said it expects to continue to sell the drug in the United States.

The case was brought by the California Department of Public Health and Human Services, the state’s Medicaid agency.

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