A new way to get your stress on with A$300K life insurance

A new way to get your stress on with A$300K life insurance

Living Health Products, an online insurance company based in the UK, has launched a life insurance product called A$3000 Life.

It’s a way to manage your stress while getting to know your personal finances.

Living Health products says its product will be available to Australian consumers in the next few months.

The product will provide a guaranteed annual income of $3000 for the life of the customer.

Its available to existing customers and those who have a business with a minimum annual income above A$6000.

The company says it will be an insurance product that is “designed to help you manage your finances in a way that will allow you to focus on enjoying life and having fun”.

A$3000 life insurance will be offered to customers who are: living at home, working in a service or manufacturing sector, or living with a disability, the company says.

If you’re thinking about using a life-insurance product, think again.

The company says there are no plans to expand its product beyond its current focus.

You can read our full story on A$ 3000 Life here.

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