Health products giant is launching ‘feminine’ health products wholesale to appeal to women’s market

Health products giant is launching ‘feminine’ health products wholesale to appeal to women’s market

Health products giants will launch wholesale women’s health products across its supply chain.

Key points:Women’s health will be a major part of the new business model for the companySource: Health Products International (HPI)CEO Richard Gaudreis said the company wanted to build a market for women’s productsThe company will sell ‘feminate’ products in a range of sizes, shapes and coloursThe new business is based on a women’s empowerment modelThe company is planning to sell products in sizes from small bottles to giant cans and even giant tubsSource: Healthcare Informatics Association (HIA)A key part of HPI’s business model will be selling “feminine” health products.

Gaudreus said women were the “next-generation of consumers” who were “rewarding themselves” for embracing technology.

“The market is really changing and we need to understand that,” he said.

“And we need a business model that allows us to take advantage of that change and create a market.”

Gaudres said the health products industry was facing challenges, but that it needed to take on a “femininity” mindset.

“We need to be thinking about what women are doing and how we can help them.

And what we can do to ensure that women have access to quality, innovative, affordable and affordable products.”

Gautam Sharma, president of the HIA, said the business model would be based on “a holistic approach” to gender equity.

“This will be the first wholesale business to offer a full range of female products,” he told ABC News.

“It’s about the empowerment of women, it’s about creating a fairer market.”HPI’s chief executive, Richard Gautam, said women had a lot to gain from the new market.

“What I’ve learnt from my business is the power of a women to be the catalyst of change,” he explained.

“So, women are empowered to make a difference.

They have to create change, and the way to do that is through a sustainable business model.”

Mr Gaudres’ comments come just days after Health Products announced it was launching a range on women’s wellness products, including “beauty” and “lifestyle” cosmetics.

The new health products brand will sell a range called Beauty & Co and a range titled Beauty & Love, which will sell products including “makeup, skincare, cosmetics, hair care, face care and personal care”.

“We’re building a business that will make it easier for women to participate in a business they’re really passionate about,” Mr Gauds said.

He said the new product was being launched in partnership with a global beauty and lifestyle brand, H&M.

“There are a number of beauty companies that have started to open up, and we’re really excited about that because of the way that they have a female leadership, and how they’re doing that with a female audience,” he added.

“Women are really empowered to be a catalyst of that and they can do that in a way that’s much more meaningful to them.”

Mr Sharma said women’s business was a key part the new health business model.

“A lot of the brands we see are doing really well because of that,” Mr Sharma said.”[The new Health Products] brand is really about empowering women to go into the market, be involved in it and take it on the chin.”

That’s what we really want to be seeing is a brand that’s focused on women empowerment and that’s about a business which is very responsive to the needs of women.

“The new company has been approved to sell by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.HIA’s business plan also includes a “lively and supportive community”, with a focus on community engagement and education.

The company aims to offer “women’s health, beauty and beauty-related products at affordable prices”, and will provide women with a “complete range of feminine products, sizes, colours and products that are gender-neutral”.HPI will also create an “online community” to “provide support and information on the products, services and products available”.

It will be able to offer women access to “all of the information and support that they need to make informed decisions on their health”.

Mr Gautams own father, Dr Richard Gault, died of prostate cancer in 2013, and he said he wanted the new company to continue the legacy of his work.”

He would be proud of this brand,” he recalled.”

I’m really looking forward to seeing how the company evolves and develops, and to being a part of that.

“The company’s new business will launch next year, and it is set to be available in stores and online at

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